Saturday, March 8, 2008

I broke it

The Compact, that is.

I confessed to the Milk Moms last night at our monthly Mom's Night Out. One of MY rules for my Lenten Compact was no browsing at the thrift store. Esther and I were in there two weeks ago and I saw a perfectly sized little table to go behind our couch, just big enough to hold a couple glasses - exactly what I wanted. Since our living room is configured to be kid friendly and somewhat safe, we don't have a coffee table or side tables. I'd been looking half-heartedly for a table that was only 6 inches deep ever since we reconfigured the living room about 2 years ago.

And there we were. I saw it and thought it would be perfect. It was a little beat up, but with a good cleaning it would work great. The funny thing is, Esther didn't want it in the cart and kept yelling at me, "No Mommy, take it out!" But I appropriately justified my purchase and brought it home.

It sat in the living room for a few days, on the front porch for a few days and is now in the basement. So, in the two weeks since I purchased it I have not cleaned it up, we are not using it, and IT IS TAKING UP SPACE IN THE BASEMENT WITH MANY OTHER OF MY THRIFT STORE FINDS!!! I have no problem with buying things "ahead" at the thrift store. But I do think they need to be confined to a limited space, such as the "toy shelf" that I have in the basement- a place for really cool toys that Esther and Ruthie just aren't quite old enough for yet.

I am so MAD at myself that I a) broke the compact and b) haven't even used the D*MN shelf yet that I am going to take it back. Yes, I am essentially throwing away the $6.06 -25% that I spent on the shelf in the first place, but I don't care. It's worth it to say I stuck with the compact.

But I still have to think of a penance for myself.
  • Our town children's clothing consignment sale is in a few weeks and I'll be selling A LOT of things. Most people pack up whatever they don't sell and then try to sell it again at the next sale. Perhaps for my penance I am NOT allowed to pack up any clothes and instead must give them away to someone who is having a baby.
  • I am not allowed one of my most enjoyable activities (surfing the net and reading people's blogs) until I have straightened up the basement, which is where most of my previous thrift store purchases are stored.
Any other penance ideas?


Elaine said...

I think the penance ought to relate to the "crime". In my mind, this means finding something in your home that you know someone else is going to purchase - and give it to them (thus keeping someone else from purchasing something new). It should take up approximately the same space or have the same value to you that the little table has.

But most of all, don't beat yourself up. You've resisted a lot and come a long way. Use the feeling you have now to inspire you to make it to the end.

You can do it, Ellen!

Mama Monster said...

Man! I've done that so many times. What is it about the thrift store? It's kind of addicting.

The Lowe said...
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The Lowe said...

One 'Our Father' and three 'Hail Marys'. And while you're saying them clean up the table and put it to use by Easter Sunday.

Sue said...

I broke my resolution as well, so I am forcing myself to go one week past Easter.

(I have also battled a VV addiction for years! I hate it when I donate something back to them that still has their darn tag on it!)

My true crack though, is Target. Just can't even go in there.

Glad you found me (and vice versa!)

Susan said...

I'll buy it from you if you still have it - i love getting your leftovers, that's why I actually own pots and pans and a tv stand and even know how to use the metro - all because you passed them down to me!

Susan said...

I'll take it if you still have it. I love your hand me downs!!!

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