Friday, March 14, 2008

The Devil Lives at Value Village

and this is what the devil looks like:

Esther loves to help me do laundry and she ran right up to this and started trying out all the knobs. I've never seen one in this good condition before, either. I was SALIVATING and thinking that I could use my stash of fabric scraps as pretend clothes for her to wash. But I walked away, and it was hard.

I really went into the desert yesterday and today by going to Value Village [VV]. I was shopping for items on my grandfathered list, primarily pajama pants for Esther. Yesterday was the old VV with Ruthie and today was the "new" VV with Esther. Since my most recent transgression (for which I have STILL not done a significant penance) I haven't been back to VV and I decided to really tempt myself by lingering in the tupperware section both days. It was hard, particularly when I saw this:
Good thing I didn't check and see if it had the interior parts. On Thursday I left with a couple pairs of pajama pants and some duplos for a friend (You've heard of personal shoppers at Nordstrom? I'm your Value Village personal shopper). On Friday I left with several pairs of boys pajama pants and can safely say that I don't need any more.

One of the most pleasant side effects of my Lenten Compact is the time I've saved by not running errands. Before the Compact, I spent a couple errands a week looking for something in particular that now, in retrospect, I really didn't need. I also haven't had to spend any time returning those things that didn't work out.

I did do an insignificant penance for my transgression. I gave about 10 children's books to the people in my ESL class who have children. Our last class was this past Thursday and I was happy to unload some books there.

I've started thinking about what I'm going to do for a "breaking the fast" purchase. One thing that this experience has taught me is that I want to spend way less time thinking about and purchasing the girls' clothes. Since I don't really care about my own clothes now, my breaking the fast purchase definitely won't be clothes. I think I'm going to get an external hard drive to use with the laptop. I want a separate place to store all our pictures and I think it will facilitate my blogging since I like to blog at night after the girls are asleep and the computer that has all the pictures is in the room where Ruthie sleeps. I also might get a new, little, digital camera. Although we have the Canon digital SLR, I want one that will fit in my pocket and has a video mode.

I've also been reading a good blog about a decluttering project. It's been incredibly inspiring and I really want to tackle some of our problem areas.


Sarah said...

Do people look at you weird at VV when you are taking pictures of their items??? Just wondering...

Sandy said...

Sarah, I was wondering the same thing. I had to go back and read the post again and make sure I was reading it correctly....Ellen didn't buy "the goods" but did indeed leave them in the store after she took the picture!

The Lowe said...

Isn't the 40 days and 40 nights over? Lent is really 47 days long if you add in Holy Week.

Thrift Store Mama said...

No sillies - I didn't take the pictures in the store. I found them on e-Bay. I can barely upload pictures of my kids!

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