Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Definition of not crawling

Just because your almost 8 month old is moving from a sitting position to all fours and then moving her knees forward does NOT mean that she will be crawling soon. And just because you set her down in one spot and then look at her a few minutes later and she is 2 feet away does NOT mean that she is figuring out some sort of locomotion. Clearly the dogs just rearrange all the furniture and rugs when my back is turned and it creates the optical illusion that she has moved. Just want to make sure everyone is clear on that, okay?

In a COMPLETELY unrelated plan, I will be taking Esther to get her hair cut super short this weekend so that she can stop using hair clips. She doesn't like her hair in her eyes (and I LOVE for her to wear hair clips) so we use a little hair clip most days and I find them all over the house. It would be very dangerous for a mobile baby to get access to a little hair clip.

In other news, one of Ruthie's bottom front teeth has pushed through her gums and she is actually ingesting 3-4 "bites" of baby cereal each day. In other GREAT news, the other night I let her cry it out intermittently (even though I totally DO NOT believe in letting babies cry) for 4-5 minutes around 12:30am and she fell back asleep.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could actually get around to uploading some pictures?
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