Monday, March 17, 2008

Consumer Crisis Averted

Another blogger that I read who also gave up shopping for Lent posted that she has no gifts and potentially no clothes for one child for Easter. After reading her I thought I was in the same predicament, but then I remembered that part of the reason I decided to adhere to the Compact for Lent is because of the "situation" I've gotten myself into with the fabulous deals and bargains at Value Village.

Esther and Ruthie both have long sleeved dresses already. I bought them from Value Village before Lent (they are both green) correctly anticipating that it would be cool enough for long sleeved dresses. Esther has tights and some shoes - I can choose between shoes that are a half size too small or a half size too big. I don't think Ruthie has tights in the correct size, but she can wear some that are a little big - I'll snap her onesie over the top of them to hold them up!

While I don't want to give them big toys for Easter, I do think it is fun to give them a little something. One of my most memorable Easter baskets EVER was when Sarah and I got albums - I got the soundtrack to the movie Footloose and she got Thriller. I have several things to choose from in the basement for both Esther and Ruthie, so that's covered. Even though Esther doesn't get a lot of sweets, I do want to give her something for Easter. For that, I'll send David to the store - he would NEVER, EVER purchase anything unnecessary!


Sarah said...

For the first time EVER, I don't care if I get an Easter Basket! I am with you, a small toy is nice, plus a little candy that gets put up after viewing/they forget about it. I bought John a "Bubble Wand". Caroline will get some candy that mommy can eat....
It's the "event" not the "stuff"..

Sue said...

That is a good stash to have. I used to be organized like that, but now I am always flying by the seat of my pants!

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