Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Size 8?!?!

No, not me after the flu. Ha ha ha. Esther's foot. We were all feeling a tiny bit better yesterday so super Susan arrived at our house and together we took both girls to the mall so David could get some housecleaning done. I suspected that Esther may need some new shoes, since she's been wearing a size 6 or 6.5 since before Ruthie was born. I felt comfortable getting Esther new shoes in spite of my compact, because she wasn't going to get cutesy shoes, and it is really, really hard to get kid's shoes in good condition at the thrift store. Also, there's some sort of strike going on at e-Bay because of some new policies and a couple women I casually know on-line said I should support the strike, so I am. We get to the Stride Rite (one place I'm not cheap is on kids' shoes) and the young woman measures Esther's feet and our conversations goes something like this:

  • Woman: She's really close to an 8, so that would be an 8 in dress shoes or an 8.5 in sneakers.
  • Me: An 8? Oh no, she wears a 6.5 now, so she can't possibly be measuring an 8. Are you sure you're reading it the right way?
  • Woman: Yes, look at her toe. It's on this line, with the 8 next to it.
  • Me: Well how do you know to look at the right side of the numbers, why isn't it a 7 over on this side?
  • Woman: Ma'am, the left column is for when you measure the left foot, the right column is when you measure the right. See? (She indicates arrows).
  • Me: Let me see that (take foot measurer out of her hand). Oh, yes, an 8. Well, how can she be an 8 when her foot fits perfectly fine into a 6.5?
  • Woman: Sometimes they curl up their toes. When was the last time you had her feet measured? They typically go up a size every 3-4 months.
  • Me: Last time her feet were measured? Oh, I'm not sure (lying - it was DEFINITELY before Ruthie was born and she is 7 months old). Okay, well, an 8 it is then.

Sure enough, Esther put on the size 8 sneaker (which is HUGE) and her toe was down near the end. I'm well aware that kid's shoes are a gimmick, just like anything else. Sure, they say that a child's foot goes up in size every 3-4 months just like Jiffy Lube tells you to get an oil change every 3,000 miles (and you really only need one every 4-5,000 miles). But even I was feeling pretty neglectful when Esther put on the size 8 shoe and it clearly fit.

But here's the kicker - I have a little chart of shoe sizes 5-10 in different categories: new sneakers, used sneakers, black dress shoes, casual shoes, rain boots. Whenever I was at the thrift store, outlet, or regular store and there was a clearance sale, I would see what the store had available and consult my little chart to see what I was missing. I got some KILLER deals on buying ahead this way, and I made sure I wasn't getting duplicates. So now, there are FOUR PAIRS OF SHOES in sizes 7 and 7.5 that Esther will never wear because we've skipped right over them. It makes a MOCKERY of my whole shoe chart thing!

Ruthie 0-6 month Robeez also don't fit anymore and they had these pink and brown robeez at the store. I picked them up, I showed them to Susan, I was justifying it because I do think that a pair or 2 of Robeez are a justifiable expense because they felt keep their feet warm and help keep their socks on. But then I put them back - they are just too expensive when I could get used ones on e-Bay after the strike is over. But it was hard.

And in case you are wondering, I did not even walk into Gymboree, despite the fact that there was an extra 20% off all previously reduced merchandise!!!


We are all technically over the flu, but still feel pretty tired and have these horrible hacking coughs - which worsen after talking a lot (insert HERE your funny jokes about how I talk a lot). I even called a sub again for ESL class tonight because I was fairly sure that I wouldn't be able to lead a class for three hours! Several people have told me horror stories about how long it has taken them or their neighbor, family members, etc. to get over the flu.

My milk supply seems to be recovering and I'm taking probiotics to help ward off the dreaded yeast. I also found some contraband diflucan (medicine for ductal yeast) that I got when I was anticipating getting ductal yeast and told my OB that I already had it. He took my word for it and so I have a small, small supply that it like gold to me!

Thanks to everyone for all their kind messages. It was really nice.

THIS JUST IN: MM Susan reports that Old Sudafed may be available at some pharmacies IF YOU ASK FOR IT!!! Am running out to pharmacy tomorrow to stock up - I'm not going through this again.


Susan said...

The funny thing at the shoe store is that Esther started running when she put the new shoes on and then did not want to take them off. She wasn't clumsy at all in them - so they must have fit well! Have you mentioned how she takes off her socks and cleans her toes? How she wants to clean my toes? How she took off sissy's socks and cleaned sissy's toes? So funny....

Sarah - Sissy said...

This is too funny. Esther can clean my toes any day of the week! I cannot believe I have to find out what is going on at your house through a blog...but, with my drive time being your dinner time and my dinner time being your bedtime....like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. We will catch up soon. Glad everyone is on the mend....Lord, I hope Ruthie doesn't get sick!

Fiona said...

Hmmm ... Kara has been doing this weird little walk of late ... and she still wears size 7 (correction - I still put a size 7 shoe on her). Looks like we are off to the shoe store too.

Elaine said...

The shoes aren't wasted - Ruthie will wear them. And, I'm stealing your card idea!

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