Sunday, February 10, 2008

The "other" Lenten Resolution

I alluded previously to my other Lenten resolution. Thought I would surreptitiously detail it here:
The other Lenten Resolution
A. Stop going to the place that supports the bad morning habit
B. Stop mindless actions
1. while driving
2. and at home

I have to say, I am super, super pleased with my steadfastness on these resolutions. I have not done point A at all, I have not done point B1 at all (although it was close a couple times) and while I have done point B2 a couple times, there are also an equal number of times that I have resisted.

I'm not trying to build mystery or intrigue by saying what it is - I just don't want to talk about it in detail but this is a way of reminding myself and holding myself accountable.
And now I'm adding this late breaking news update: just made two more good choices! Yeah for me!

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