Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I tee-tee on the floor

"I tee-tee on the floor" pretty much sums up our day. I am sick. Didn't have to even ask David to stay home from work. Last night, I just put my thermometer displaying 100.5 on the kitchen counter where he was cleaning up and left it at that. I was cranky, David was taking care of both girls at different parts throughout the day and didn't eat much and so he was cranky too. I think Esther could sense it and peed on herself THREE times today! The first was in her booster seat while eating lunch, the second was ON THE FLOOR while crying because David went to the store without her. (And he went to the store without her because she wouldn't go on the potty) and the third while walking in from an aborted trip to Ikea. For the third time, even her shoes got wet. Luckily, we ended the day on a good note and she went in the potty before bed and got lots and lots of praise. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Ruthie took two bites of rice cereal off the spoon from David today. I spent some of my lucid moments rereading the book Child of Mine by Ellyn Satter. Ms. Satter has 4 degrees and is "internationally recognized authority on eating and feeding." Her basic premise is that parents need to allow children to take the lead on feeding and a parent's job is to provide the opportunity for a child to eat and a wide variety of healthy food to choose from. Despite the many shocked and aghast looks from people who know that we didn't introduce any non-breastmilk nourishment to Ruthie until she was 7 months old, Ms. Satter has done extensive research to support this idea. She states that rather than feeding a baby solids at an arbitrary age of 4 or 5 or 6 months, most babies will be ready to eat between the range of 5-7 months and should follow the baby's behavioral cues rather than chronological age. She also provides evidence to support my other plan for feeding Ruthie which is to try to do as little puree-ing as possible and move right from cereal to appropriate fork mashed vegetables. "Once he has mastered eating thick cereal from a spoon, he's ready to start learning to eat fruits and vegetables mashed eith a fork...Pureed baby foods or commercial baby foods are...not really necessary..." Ah ha - so see, I'm not just making this up and I didn't read it in Newsweek! Milk Mom Elaine also sent me a link to this article discussing baby led approaches to solid foods.

Guess tomorrow is back to regular life.

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