Monday, February 11, 2008

The hat

Today and every Monday is the 25% off day at the thrift store (actually, at all the thrift stores that I frequent, which is 2 regularly). So, I typically go and I went today because I was looking for pajama pants for Esther and long sleeved outfits for Ruthie. It was really, really hard. There were several gymboree pieces there, and not only were they Gymboree, they were the "older" lines with the embroidered tags that I really, really like. The newer stuff isn't quite as good quality. The clothes are separated by size, gender, and then type, so I frequently find a pair of pants and then find the matching shirt 15 feet down the rack. If I don't want them I ALWAYS put them together so that the poor, poor person who isn't familiar with Gymboree will have the bonus of getting an entire outfit instead of just a random pair of pants. So I put together a matching outfit and left it for someone else, and then I found these:

They were in Esther's current size - at one point I had them hanging off the stroller, but I put them back. It wasn't easy. But again, temptation lay just around the corner.

As I was walking to the checkout, I saw a hat. This hat MATCHED the dark purple fleece coat I was wearing. I wear this coat everyday and I don't have a hat. Well, I do have a hat, but it is black, doesn't match, and it is too tight on my head so it leaves marks on my forehead. The hat was a dark rose with a dark purple ribbon around it that matched my coat - and the hat was L.L. Bean. I put the hat on, it fit. I smiled at Ruthie and she smiled back - she liked it. I could justify it. I needed it, I would wear it regularly, it was from the thrift store on the 25% off day. But I put it back. And I'm so proud I did. It just wasn't in the spirit of The Compact, and especially not in the first week.

And so, I escaped the thrift store, spirit of The Compact intact.

In other news, Esther has been a darling (not) as of late. Yesterday, she pulled Ruthie's ears so hard Ruthie cried. Then, while apologizing to Ruthie for pulling her ears, she then pulled her hair. When she displays unacceptable behavior, we tell her the first thime that it's not right and explain why. The second time I try to have all of us leave the room, as quickly as possible. That is REALLY effective and she usually gets upset and starts to cry and comes after us. We ask her to apologize and then go on with whatever we were doing. But, it's not always possible for us to leave the room and in that case, Esther has to go sit on the "naughty spot." Yep, I stole it right from Nanny 911. I don't like to use the word bad, but I tell her that what she did was naughty. The naughty spot is in the hallway and she sits there for all of 10 seconds. Luckily we don't have to use it often as we try to simply avoid getting her into a situation (hungry, tired, left alone with Ruthie or dogs) where she can be "naughty."

Ruthie won't eat the avocado or the rice cereal. I remember solid foods being a MAJOR drama with Esther. In part because she was so small (or at least we thought so at the time) and she really needed to continue to get the majority of her calories from breastmilk and not from food. Since Ruthie is a more "average" size, I'm not as worried about her eating too much food and not enough breastmilk. My plan is to try and puree as few foods as possible and to encourage self feeding of regular food as early as possible. (I don't even need to mention that I will NOT be purchasing the biggest rip-off in the grocery store: jars of baby food. One jar of baby food sweet potatoes is about $.75 and if you go to the produce section and buy $.75 worth of sweet potatoes and prepare them at home, you can make enough sweet potato puree to last for a MONTH!) I guess I should try for more than two days and then see what happens.

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Susan said...

Nice blog Ellen - I like it. Somehow you omitted that I (your sister, Susan, and Esther's "Ana") was the one holding Ruthie during the ear pulling and subsequent sucker hair pulling. It was shocking to see Esther being so naughty since that's not at all her normal m.o.

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