Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The flu

I have the flu and it's awful. David took off work again today to watch the girls, and because the federal government opened 2 hours late due to weather, we didn't even bother taking Esther to nursery school at 11am when they opened because we switched her to half days and we now pick her up at 12! I was surprised when David said that he hadn't realized before how time consuming it is to take care of them both all day - surprised because he is so hands on all the time I didn't think today or yesterday were any different. But I guess it's different when Mama is down for the count instead of helping out.

In good news, Ruthie slept until 2am this morning and David gave her a bottle of expressed milk which meant I got a good solid 6 hours of sleep in between her other wakings.

My MM friend Vickie blogged almost a year ago about how she never really got "sick, sick" anymore - just a little bit sick since she became a mother. And until I got this flu, that was definitely true for me (except for December when Esther, then David, and then I all got the rotavirus). About every 6-8 weeks I start to feel like I'm coming down with something but then it sort of peters out. This time though, whoo, what a doozie. And I haven't turned the corner yet, I think I'm still on the downswing rather than on the upswing.

I actually went to the doctor today and the quick strep test was negative, which made him conclude it's the flu. I'm scared to take anything but Tylenol because of the breastfeeding. A lot of the common medications haven't been tested and frankly, I don't trust the ones that have been tested. For example, the doctor's computer indicated that the "old" sudafed (pseudophedrine) was safe for breastfeeding, but LC Pat at the Breastfeeding Center has specifically indicated on more than one occasion that although it doesn't pass through breastmilk it does do some damage in drying up the breastmilk. So, my new theory (I probably read it in Newsweek) is that the drug companies aren't concerned with how their medication affects a mother's breastmilk but just whether it passes through the breastmilk to the baby. Luckily I was sick once with Esther and when I spoke with Pat she told me that the advice to stop breastfeeding a baby when mother is sick is terribly out-dated. By the time mother has symptoms the baby has already been exposed to the virus and by stopping breastfeeding the mother is then preventing the antibodies from being passed on to the baby. Good thing the doctor today didn't tell me to stop breastfeeding, or I would have had to open a can of lactation whoop-ass on him. It's a lot of responsibility educating these doctors on breastfeeding issues. Remind me sometime to tell you about when a doctor in the same practice (a female doctor who said she had breastfed her own children) told me that she had never heard of ductal yeast!!!

P.S. David just said he feels clammy and achy. Aunt Susan to the rescue tomorrow afternoon!


vickie2005 said...

I'm hoping there was no more tee-tee on the floor today. Or maybe David just cleaned it up without comment to spare you the details?

Be better soon!

Elaine said...

Oh dear, Ellen. The flu is not good. I had it in 2001 and am still scarred from it. However, if there is a bright side, I lost 10 pounds while I had the flu - and that is frankly the most weight I've ever lost over a 3 day period outside of giving birth. Some silver lining, eh?

Remember, the pizza delivery dude can be a very excellent person at mealtime.

The Lowe said...

Speedy recovery. Speedy Gonzalez recovery.

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