Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Estherspeak No. 1

In a BLATANT act of plagiarism from Our Madill-Lowe, I'm introducing a semi-regular feature on the blog: Estherspeak.

Esther has been yelling something on occasion which is either "FOCUS" or "F**K THIS" - I'm not sure which. In the situation in which she yells it, either would be appropriate word usage. For example, she yelled it today while I was trying to get her to wash her hands and she didn't want to. It's entirely possible that we may have said to her at some point, "Esther, you need to focus on what you're doing" and while David and I drop the occasional F-bomb, we don't say "F**K This" so it's odd that she would have come up with it.


Elaine said...

A prodigy in slang, that kid is!

Susan said...

Well, she definitely did not get it from Auntie Susan! I watch my language around her. My favorite Estherspeak was when we were in the car going someplace beyond the beltway, and you (Ellen) were going a mile a minute about something and I said, "Ellen, simmer down" and Esther yells "Shimma, mommy, shimma!" We laughed so hard and gave it so much attention that she still says it sometimes.

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