Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today is Day 5 of Lent and day 5 of following "The Compact" for me. Even though some Catholics feel that Sunday should be a day off from their Lenten sacrifice, I am not going to take a day off.

I have done some shopping though. I mentioned before that there were a few things that I had grandfathered in that I need to buy new or from the thrift store. (New) big girl undies for Esther, (thrift store) some additional pairs of thin material pajama pants for Esther-she wears these instead of pants around the house, a long story for another time; (new) pajamas for Esther size 2T; and just a few additional outfits for Ruthie in size 9 months (either new or thrift store). Ruthie is weighing in at a hefty 16 1/2 pounds and I don't have very many things that fit her for the cold weather in her current size. Esther wore her 3-6 month clothes until she was 8 or 9 months old in May/June, so she never needed cold weather clothes in the 6-9 month size.

I was at a children's clothing consignment store on Friday and picked up two outfits for Ruthie - although I was displeased at the cost: one outfit was $6 and another was $10. I understand that those are pretty typical consignment store prices, but I'm so used to the thrift store where I would have paid $3 for each. The $10 outfit had some sentimental value though: my SIL Sandy had bought the exact same outfit in a preemie size for Esther when she was born and I LOVED it, so I was happy to see it there.

It's been interesting to see the reaction from my friends and family when I tell them about The Compact. David just looked at me blankly and said "But what if she needs something? (meaning Esther). I could tell he was thinking that I couldn't do it - and I've sensed a fair bit of skepticism from a few other friends and family as well. They kind of just brushed it off. A package arrived yesterday from the Company Store. As David brought it in from the porch he said, "Oh, does it not count when you order something before Lent but it arrives after Lent?" in a lighthearted tone. Imagine my delight when I retorted, "I didn't order that David, it's a Christmas gift for the girls from Maura!" with a very haughty tone of voice!

I went to Costco recently and found myself mentally running through the store and thinking what I might need. I do that: instead of thinking what I need and does the store offer it, I think of what the store has to offer and do I need it? I've got some gorgeous pictures that we took at JC Penney right before Christmas and I wanted to get a collection of matching picture frames to display them on the mantel. And I know Costco carries these. I certainly could put them to good use, and it could be argued that I need them, but they weren't on my grandfathered list. Although I did give myself the out that I could buy a specific item from the thrift store (just no browsing) I feel that even buying picture frames from the thrift store violates the spirit of the Compact. I just don't need them. Instead, I'll put on my hip boots and wade through the stuff in the basement, unpack the picture frames THAT ARE STILL PACKED FROM WHEN WE MOVED FOUR YEARS AGO and used those instead. Am also happy to report that although I looked at pajamas at Costco, they weren't the kind I wanted so I by-passed them. The only other purchases were consumable items: frozen tilapia fillets, frozen fruit, perrier, rotisserie chicken and salsa. Gotta love Costco.

It will be interesting to see what I do with the extra time next week when I would normally be browsing at the thirft store. Ruthie and I usually make a trip there once or twice a week while Esther is at daycare.

Must sign off now - Ruthie just scrunched up her face, turned red, and let a big old poop/fart loose. Ruthie is 7 months today and had her first taste of real food, avocado, today. Up until now it's just been me. Even though I plan to continue breastfeeding for at least another 6 months, this first bite of real food still created an emotional moment: I hugged her and told her how much I've loved feeding her and having that guaranteed time with her. I love it that God created a mother's body to sustain her child and I've loved using this wonderful gift to sustain my children.

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