Monday, February 25, 2008

The Container Store

On Friday, Esther and I had a lovely morning. After dropping Ruthie off at Miss Danielle's (a babysitter) we went to Eamon's place to pick up the FANTASTIC scrapbook that MM Therese put together for MM Fiona. After hanging out there for a while with Rob, Therese and Eamon (Esther calls him A-MEN), we went up to the Container Store, as I wanted a sturdy box in which to present the scrapbook to Fiona and also to protect it while they are moving.

Now, I LLLOOOVVVEEE the Container Store. In fact, I love containers in general and so the Container Store is like mecca. Before we had left Therese's place, I had discussed with her my justification for purchasing a new box for the scrapbook as opposed to using a grody gift box that I had laying around in the basement. I decided that since the box was not for me or my girls, and since it could be considered part of the gift to Fiona, it was okay. Justification firmly in place, Esther and I headed out.

I breezed past the closet organizers and only had a passing glance of interest and travel size bottles and bathroom organizers. But then I got to the 3M hooks and removable adhesive. I love these things - I seem to use them everywhere and I had been thinking the other day that I could use some more to organize Esther's "pretending" stuff. She seems to play with it more if it's on hooks on the wall as opposed to being dumped in a box/basket/etc. I took some deep breaths and decided that I would stop and look longingly and lovingly, but would not touch anything. But before I even was able to stop, Esther decided it was time to play and she announced "I RUN AWAY, ha ha ha ha" and she took off down through the tax organization aisle and made it all the way through to gift wrap. And the temptation was gone. A small moment of weakness was had again in kitchen organization, where I desperately wanted this, but again I made it through unscathed.

Ha - I laugh in the face of materialism!


Elaine said...

You go girl! You are rocking on this Lenten promise.

The Lowe said...

Exactly! And I loved having you guys stop by for tea.

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