Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And so it begins...

Today is Lent and the first day of my sacrifice. My last new item purchase was a pair of new rain boots - our playground gets pretty wet and the bottom hems of my pants always get dirty. With these rainboots I can tuck my pants into the boots!

I'm being tempted already though - Beezus's teacher at Greenwood mentioned that they would like some inserts for the top of their toilet seats. We have one at home and Beezus could really use one at school too - she has a tendency to lean back so she can see her "tee-tee" come out and then the "Beezus's teachers in her "new class" with the 2 year olds, that I want to get them anything and everything they need! I'm going to start looking on Craig's List, because even if I could justify the purchase at a retail store, I can get them so much cheaper on Craig's List.

I'm doing well so far with my other Lenten sacrifices. But I don't want to mention those yet.

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