Sunday, December 23, 2007

What is Thrift Store Mama?

In my forays onto Craig's List buying/selling and my trips to the thrift store, I've frequently come across the nicest people or the funniest situations. Combined with my fabulous thrift store finds, I'm often bursting with the news when I come home. Since DH doesn't quite share my excitement, I thought I'd start a blog to share my finds and feelings with the universe. And, I might occasionally share my musings on motherhood and wifehood as well.

The inspiration to start this blog was actually a man who works at the new Value Village which is the one on New Hampshire Avenue just north of the Beltway. When I was in there with Esther one day, she got really fixated on a little Radio Flyer push toy clearly designed for a baby. She rode it through the store (everybody else there lets their kids run around unsupervised so it didn't seem that bad to me to let her sedately ride a little push toy) and carried it with us to the checkout. Luckily, she lost interest right before we got up there and I was able to quickly hand it off to the man. She looked away for a moment, I held it out to him and he took it right away and quickly hid it beneath a counter and Esther was none the wiser.

I felt such a connection to that man at that moment - we were probably separated by culture, language and age but in that moment when our eyes met, he knew exactly what I was thinking! It's moments like that that make me feel connected in this crazy area where we live - that as anonymous as I am sometimes shopping in a store where I don't know anyone, that someone reached out their hand and helped me.

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