Monday, December 24, 2007

No Zingers but a Connection

We finished setting up Esther's Christmas presents on the couch (never got around to putting up the tree) and while I think I have a nice selection for her, there's no real zinger - no big gift to ooh and ahh over to remember for years to come. Isn't there supposed to be a zinger? I guess if Esther doesn't mind then it really doesn't matter.

She's got 6 presents from Santa and 5 of them are from the thrift store; a book from David and I (a yearly tradition if I can remember) a couple presents from Grandma and Pop-pop, a present from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bill and a present from my Aunt Marsha. Gram sent a check which we are saving to use for a wooden kitchen like this when the back porch is done. Ruthie has 2 books, this one from David and I and this one from just me; and a present from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bill. I got the books from Vertigo Books, an indie book store in College Park. Even thought I HATE going to the shopping center where they are located because of the crowded parking caused by the college students; and even though I could probably find equally good books for cheaper at Marshall's or the thrift store; and even though my Mom can sometimes get books at a discount because of her affiliation with another indie bookstore, there is just something fantastic about browsing in a bookstore. And Vertigo Books has a nice sale selection. When I picked up Ruthie's book earlier last week, the owner/cashier told me that his daughter had loved that book - and I felt the same sort of connection that I wrote about in my previous post.

And along the same lines of what I said earlier about "if Esther doesn't mind then it really doesn't matter"... it really seems to bother other people that we didn't put up a Christmas tree. In some ways, it bothers me too. The only reason we didn't is that we alread feel overwhelmed with the daily chores and putting it up (and taking it down) was just one more thing to add to the list. I also didn't want to continually be telling Esther "no, don't touch" for the next week or so. I could also say that we are focusing on the "Reason for the Season" and having a Christmas tree detracts from that. But it does feel sort of sad to look around and not see one.

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sleepy_mama said...

ok, i know i'm pretty far removed from mainstream culture, but what is an "indie" book store?

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